How to Get Top Shelf Beef and Pork

On my daily rounds of the shop here at Rittberger Meats I sometimes find cuts of beef or pork that are outstanding. I’m talking about the perfect strip steak or the leanest bacon.

Maybe it’s a pork loin that I can just tell will make the  most delicious pork chops. Whatever it is, if I’m looking for a dinner choice to impress friends or family I set it aside.

One day it hit me “why not offer some of this to others who are looking for cuts of meat that are a cut above the best?”

All of our meat products are a cut above the rest, but a few are a cut above the private stock so to speak.

Obviously these exclusive cuts of meat are few and far between so I decided to limit the amount of folks who can have access to it.

If your looking for a source of truly top shelf beef or pork consider applying for  Andy’s Private Stock.

Imagine raising the lid on your grill this summer and pulling those steaks off for dinner. You smile because you know what’s coming…everyone raving about the best steak they have ever had!

Click Here to Apply You’ll be glad you did!

Andy Rittberger



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Cookin’ With Andy

Last month I hosted a Cookin’ with Andy and what a fun time we had! We had so many positive  comments and folks were loving the good food.

Our next one will be even better!

March 17th @ 11:00AM

Call today and reserve your spot, limited spacing available. 740-452-2767

I am going to demonstrate how to prepare and cook a beef flank steak, in my “Pin Wheel” recipe. My recipe consists of eggs, dirty rice and cheese. For $10. you will receive a $10. meat package from Andy’s Pick. For free you will receive a “pin wheel” dinner complete with sides and drinks, water, soda or coffee.

Don’t miss out, come and join the fun!

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Free Meat From Rittbergers


Picture Once a month we will be drawing a winner for one of the following of your choice.

  • Pork package consisting of various types of pork. A good example would be sausage patties, grillers, bulk sausage , pork chops, roasts, Our Famous Hickory Smoked Bacon, Little pig breakfast sausage, etc.  This package is 20lbs of                 our premium pork products valued at $125.00
  • Beef Package consisting of various types of beef.  A good example would be ground beef, ground beef patties, ribeye steaks, flat iron grill steaks, strip steaks, t-bones, round steaks, chuck roasts, round roasts, etc.  This package is 10 lbs. of our premium beef products valued at $139.00

For more information go to: FREE MEAT

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